Image In Print holds seminars on various aspects of the printing industry. We can customize one or more for you.

The Four Keys to a Successful Printing Project
Our main seminar sets out the basic practices for good project management.

The Project Certainty Solution®
The Project Certainty Solution® is a program designed to assist managers in planning and executing difficult projects.

The Project Certainty Solution® helps you gain greater certainty that your marketing projects are as effective as possible. Created by Peter Pearson, The Project Certainty Solution® will help you gain new customers, grow your business, and achieve your goals.

The Project Certainty Solution® is a step-by-step process divided into three distinct stages. In stage one, we help you assess your current situation and set goals. Working together in stage two, we help you develop strategies and a Project Certainty Plan™. In stage three, we help you develop a Project Certainty Team™ and implement your plan. "When you have completed the process you will have a clear vision for the future and a plan to achieve it. You will be working less, and this will provide you with an opportunity to lead a more fulfilling and balanced life. You will have the freedom to be more creative and innovative. Your marketing projects will be accurate, on time, and on budget. Your team will share your vision, be more motivated and creative in helping you achieve your goals. They will be committed to producing the highest quality projects possible. And, most importantly, you will be gaining new customers, growing your business, and achieving your goals."

This solution is valuable not only for marketing projects but for any project that is in need of a clear strategy.

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